Saturday 2 April 2011

No show garden

I've dug the beds and spread the compost,
but then a curious apathy set in and apart from
photographing the Victoria plum

which is doing very well without any help from me,
I have done nothing.
By now I should be busy filling pots, trays, root trainers
 and gutters with seeds.
Maybe tomorrow will be the day.
But I'm not very hopeful.

I see the foxes have gone to ground.
Maybe it is the prospect of half a dozen little cubs 
making merry in the vegetable plot
that is putting me off.


  1. Or maybe your heart has already packed up and moved on from this home....?

  2. Best to do these jobs when the spirit moves you, or you find it takes twice as long and ends in a muddle.

    Half a dozen cubs? Really? I look forward to future posts.....

  3. Yes! Don't you remember? May last year? And every year for as long as I can remember, litters of varying sizes. Charming but destructive.

  4. both these photos are splendid each in their own way ...