Thursday 21 April 2011

Wood roses

There is a very old deodar cedar crammed into our front driveway.
Really it should be stretching its branches luxuriously
over a smooth green lawn,

instead it shields us from the vacant gaze 
of the occupants
of the top deck of passing buses
and tangles with the telephone wires.

Its upper limbs are home to wood pigeons,
squirrels, magpies
and the UK's smallest bird, the goldcrest.
We can watch them cavorting from our bedroom window.

It drops a rich variety of parts onto our car;
the copious by-products of pigeon,
long air vent invading needles,
 yellow powder bombs, (the male cones),
and now, in vast numbers,
the female cones are clattering down
to shatter on the crazy paving.

I save the whole ones for the window sill.
Wood roses.


  1. I love the wood roses - I am not sure I would recognize a goldcrest, but I think a tree is the best thing to have in your front garden, wherever you live.

    Pomona x

  2. Your goldcrest is very similar to our golden crowned kinglet. Very sweet little birds. The wood roses are pretty - our local First Nations people make roses out of cedar bark that look very much like these cones.