Wednesday, 4 November 2009


My first port of call for news and information these days
is the internet.
I can hardly remember how I managed without Google.
I have developed an almost insatiable appetite for snippets
and nuggets of this and that,
one thing leading to another in a dizzy dance
as I land lightly in the world wide web following a whim or a fancy,
an idea or just a momentary curiosity.
Click, click, clicketty click.

So when I uncovered this little book, lying in a cupboard,
it stopped me in my tracks.

News worth keeping?
Is any of the information I glean, worth keeping?

Inside, the pastel coloured pages are helpfully tabbed into categories:

General news, historical, biographical, literary, sport, politics, fashions, special articles.

Each page is divided vertically into newspaper column widths
for you to stick your clippings into.
Stick, stick, sticketty stick.

Ah. But we no longer take a daily newspaper.

A paper to read at breakfast,

a paper to hide behind,

to reach round for the toast and marmalade,

to peer over,

to doze over,

to jab crossly,

to shake,

to fold,

to read aloud from,

to look over quizzically,

to harumph at,

to linger over,

to lounge with,

to have delivered.

And then to cut up carefully,
and stick into your scrapbook.

I'm going to try it.
Possibly with a hat on.


  1. Aaahhh yes, we live in an age of fleeting facts don't we? We still get our weekend paper, have it sprawled all over the sofa, part of weekend, no internet could replace that. I love all those paintings. I love domestic scenes in paintings.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. Oh I love it, and I hope you do get the paper! I have visions of myself breakfasting with it. Have not done so in reality in ages!

  3. What great pictures!