Thursday 5 November 2009

Ooooh! Aaaah!

Newsagents don't put up displays like this anymore.
It was an altogether more sanitised affair in our local supermarket
with a fenced off area and locked cupboards
which we could only buy from on our way out.

But the names don't disappoint

Ruby rose
Ginger Snap
Spider Flower
Jack in the Box
Turkish Delight
Jade Rose
Lemon Trail
Vaz Mataz
Twist and Shake
Diamond Sparkler
Whizz Wheels

and neither does the packaging.

So the sausages are casseroling in hot chilli and tomato sauce,
the polenta is bubbling volcanically
the spiced apple juice has mulled.

Let the show commence.


  1. Your fireworks look brilliant. Did you have your own display in your garden? We talked about lighting a bonfire and maybe going into Ullapool for the firework display - and then just decided to sit down instead!

  2. Yes it was in our garden and a much tamer and sillier affair than it looks in the pictures. It was a spur of the moment decision with a bogof from Sainsbury's! I was gratified though at how much fun three large 'boys' and one visiting young lady had with it all. Small is beautiful!

  3. They are the best fireworks I have seen this year. It was pouring down here. Wonderful photographs, as usual.
    Very surprised to see my name, thank you for all the lovely words of praise, which I do appreciate as you have such a lovely eye for beautiful images. Maybe one day I will have a book.
    Loved the "slapdash" berry photographs, beautiful. I have the book, the bird in her nest springs to mind as a favourite page.

  4. The packaging is much shinier that I remember - and I seem to recall the name Brock? You can tell I haven't bought fireworks for a very long time - I am now grown creaky in the cold, so I prefer them behind glass! Great to discover your lovely blog!

    Pomona x

  5. Lovely photographs! I do love fireworks but I think they should be seen and not heard.

  6. Pomona: yes actually, you're right, the packaging used to be thin paper and now I think about it, the uniform typeface isn't so exciting. I remember Brock but Standard is an old name too.
    Milly: I hope people knew that it was a link to your page!
    Tricia: These were very quiet, but it sounded as if there were bombs going off in the surrounding gardens.