Wednesday 5 August 2009

I'll make some coffee...

The Sights

set in stone.

Great bunting.

Picasso in a cave.
Cathedrale d'images at Les Baux.

His works projected, moving and set to music

in huge carved out rooms,

blending, dancing and swirling round

in a vast, dark, icy cold space.

This pillar in someone's back garden,
bafflingly named La Pyramide,
is all that remains of the quarry from which
much of the local architecture (Roman)
was constructed.
Its height represents the original depth of the rocks.
It was put to a fairly unpleasant use,
to chastise and punish unsatisfactory slave workers.

Can you


what it is


The Pont du Gard.
Built to convey water from Uzes to Nimes.

Bull herders in the Camargue,
viewed from a boat on one of the canals.
A highly staged affair - the men were miked up to give us a commentary.
It mostly drifted past me like the water weed.

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  1. I love Provence - your photos have brought back happy memories - thank you for the ride.