Saturday 8 August 2009

Best dresses

In case Little Jenny Wren is looking in
and as a follow on to this post,

here are some of my best dresses.
They all had names:
above, the Boats dress.

My best loved: Star skirt.
I could barely contain my grief when I realised I had outgrown it.
It already looks a little too tight and too short in this picture.
I wish I had kept it.

Full fig, party outfits complete with angora boleros,
party ribbons and sparkly shoes.

This one was called The Grand Old Duke of York dress,
but on closer examination I can see no soldiers
as I remembered them.

But I loved it as you can see by my obvious
delight in posing for the camera in it.

Very large pram and Teddy, whom I have temporarily mislaid.

Now by contrast, these dresses were knitted with great skill
by a friend of our Grandma's called Mrs Aloneftis,
but we really didn't like them because they were tight and itchy,
and they had matching hats.

Which was your least favourite outfit?

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  1. Somehow I just found this post. What wonderful pictures! So many lovely memories.