Sunday 2 August 2009

Holiday pictures alert

Words not heard for a very long time -
but surely retro enough to be due for a revival,

'You must come round and see our slides,'

Several hundred distant blurry shots of someone else's holiday,
cranking slowly round the carousel, crrish plick, crrish plick,
complete with deathless commentary,

'This is us by the pool.'
'Here we are outside the hotel.'
'That's Jean and Barry, a lovely couple we met in Bridlington.'
'Oops sorry, that one's upside down.'

So without further ado...
crrish plick,

The Food

oops, sorry.


  1. Oh my goodness! It looks so wonderful!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed it to the fullest:)

  2. Salut Alice! Extraordinaire. It was meant to be - but it was fully booked. So no, it was a cancellation in Le Paradou near St Remy.