Friday 2 February 2018

Hopeful signs

Mostly at Kew Gardens admittedly 
where the plants are cossetted with deep mulches
but the crocuses are mine.
They had to be carefully unwrapped from their dead leaf shrouds.

This pair of geese has chosen one of Henry VIII's castles as their des res.
There's room to expand and a nice view.


  1. The sun has shone a couple of times this week , hasn't it. I found myself standing outside unsure quite how to react!

  2. So cheering, and so far ahead of us...

  3. Nice to see some signs of Spring (even if cossetted). Woke up to -11C this morning. Even the dog wasn't interested in going outside. Think it will be a while before we see flowering of any type.

  4. Glorious images, what is the plant that is fifth from last please? I am so envious of your Crocuses.

    1. Japanese paper plant. It has a wonderful scent. It wasn't fully open when we saw it last week.

    2. Thank you Lucille.

  5. Much further ahead than here, but beautiful to see. These first flowers of the year get a lot of appreciation don't they? I was thinking how much more fortunate that pair of geese are than their ancestors would have been... In Henry VIII's day they would probably have been in the pot, not enjoying the scenery!

  6. Beautiful to see, and further ahead than here. These early flowers get so much appreciation don't they? I'm thinking how much more fortunate those geese are than their ancestors, who would probably have been in Henry VIII's pot rather than admiring his view!

    (Lucille, Cristiana discovered that my comments weren't posting on her blog because Blogger was treating my email address as spam! I'm wondering if the same is happening on yours? My last two have disappeared into space... This one might too!)