Sunday 18 February 2018

Busy bee

Having a three year old around
is good fun.
We cooked up some pancakes
when I might not have bothered otherwise

and did an experiment with bicarbonate of soda and 
vinegar mixed with food colouring.
The internet is full of good ideas for things to do with children
(all I had recourse to when mine were young was Child Education Magazine
and a book called Something to Do)
and the means to carry them out is available at the click of a button.

If anyone needs a plastic pipette or 20 litres of white vinegar
I'm your woman.
Something went a little awry with my order.

My phone was requisitioned for these rather arty shots.


  1. or you can use the excess white vinegar for cleaning.

    1. Yes! I have just discovered how good it is for windows and now 20 litres does not seem excessive.

    2. But clearly you don't need to clean, your light-coloured rug is pristineness personified. Pancakes are an honorary fruit or vegetable in my house.

    3. Lovely of you to ignore that annoying speck. I may have to photoshop that out when I'm better from my bad cold.

  2. Bicarb and vinegar are staples in my house too, so very useful for cleaning lots of things. Not too sure about pipettes though.

  3. What a lot of joy! Particularly love the first arty shot - it conveys so much character!
    I've just been reading about a concoction made with white vinegar for unblocking drains. As I was ankle deep in water whilst taking a shower this morning I may have to try it...

  4. Your experiment with bicarb and vinegar looks more fun than mine... I've just tried unsuccessfully to clear a blocked drain with it. And just how many pipettes do you have I wonder?!