Friday 27 January 2017

Vital signs

They are there but you have to look hard.
Sunrise at 7.44 am.

Tentative blossom.

No idea what these are but
they are coming out and that's good enough for


  1. Thank you, Lucille, for these beautiful reminders that it is all right to stop thinking about the scary new President for just a few moments. xo

  2. I stopped listening to the news years ago, it is far too depressing for me.

    I have a pot of miniature Daffodils sprouting on my landing window, looking forward to seeing them bloom.

  3. Bring on the daffodils and new lambs then we will know that long summer days are within reach.

  4. You taunt me with your blossoms. But after two weeks of gray, I am wallowing in sunshine today. And the snow has been reticent, which is a curious thing. So I suppose it is rather small of me to grudge you your blossoms and blue skies. I repent. Friendships, even bloggy ones, are not built on envy.