Tuesday 3 January 2017

Shredded treat

Possibly the most successful present?

The tissue paper I shredded to fill her big present box.

A late gift for me?

Discovering the Hamamelis (witch hazel) flowering at Kew Gardens.


  1. Shredded coloured paper would have been my daughter's favourite present too.

    The Hamamelis is glorious.

  2. So sweet.
    And I'd almost forgotten that the hope of hamamelis is wafting through the wintry air somewhere out there -- have to plan a trip to the local botanic garden soon. Thank you!

  3. Lucille, I confess that seeing that colorful shredded paper flipped some sort of lever in my own consciousness. Looks like so much fun to play with! Perhaps it's similar to visiting art supply or yarn shops?

    Those outdoor pictures are also delightful xo

  4. May she grow up still loving creativity and colour. And a bright year to you Lucille.

  5. That yellow against the blue sky is as uplifting and delightful as a box of shredded tissue paper... What joy!

  6. The flower reminds me of the shreddings!

  7. Now you've got me missing the hammamelis I left in my garden when we moved, it's not as if I have any shredded paper either.

  8. Joy indeed, and I ecpect she played with the paper for hours?

    1. We are still finding little coloured shreds all over the house!

  9. My first comment got lost somewhere, I fear. Anyway.... our baby loved his cardboard box even more than his presents. He also loved a silicone kitchen spatula, and throwing the cushions off the sofa then hauling them back up again. Long may this ability to find pleasure in the unusual last!