Tuesday 2 August 2016

Woe, woe and thrice woe

I would love to be posting more frequently.
The 'upgrade' continues to cast a pall over all my endeavours.
The latest blip being that I can no longer upload photos
from my camera to Photos.
It has locked itself into a permanent state called Closing the Library.
I am therefore obliged to hover on the fringes of Support Communities
and forums
looking for someone speaking in a language that I understand.

Here are three photos which snuck in under the wire.

How lovely to be oblivious
to the woes of the world.


  1. Utterly frustrating Lucille. I wonder what is in the little one's head...

    1. Choclic cake and the next game of shopkeepers.

  2. Alas, woe indeed! You have my sympathy.

  3. How frustrating! I have had a problem that because I have two blogs under two addresses, I can't upload photos to one from my phone, or my phone to computer, so I upload it (private setting) to Facebook, download to computer and then delete on Facebook. I have been grinding my teeth with fury, so I sympathise

  4. Still dropping in and hoping things will be sorted out for you soon!

  5. I'm sorry , how ghastly ! ... and I thought my permanently blipping blue circle bad enough .
    The upgrade is a bit like a malevolent monthly nurse , telling me what I want to do . Pages are whisked away with a tut and something totally unfamiliar appears in their place .
    Picasa 3 has escaped nursie's notice so far ... but it's only a question of time .

  6. Lucille, with my former laptop, I had quite a few of those help desk adventures, only a phone call and a language and time zone away. Often I was truly helped, but sometimes just annoyed. I do hope your adventures with upgrades, library lock outs and so forth find a positive resolution very soon.

    Meanwhile, thank you for this trio of lovely images. The little beauty in the stripes and dots is such a joy to see. Thank you for sharing her sweetness.


  7. I do sympathise Lucille, having recently been obliged to upgrade to Windows 10, only to find that all my documents, including my photos, no longer have a directory - they are on the hard drive somewhere, but I cannot locate them! Teach me to save to the Cloud every day... So frustrating

  8. How lovely to be oblivious to the woes of the world...and dressed so smartly at the same time.

    As yours is one of my favorite places to visit, I will be waiting patiently for a return to normalcy while I, too, ponder choclic cake.

  9. You've probably tried this Lucille, but I'm wondering if transferring the photos from your camera onto the hard drive first and then adding them to Photos would make any difference? You should just be able to drag and drop the folder from camera to mac and then to Photos.
    Hopefully the woes of the world won't be part of the little one's consciousness for a long while yet. How blissful!

    1. I should have said iPhone camera Lotta. I'm trying to find a way bypassing Photos and going back to iPhoto but am so far being blocked at every turn. Thank you for helping.

  10. And then there's Picasa.... nightmare swallower of years of photographs, eternally duplicating them until the computer is close to bursting.... Personally, I like Photos better now that I understand it, but it took a while. Good luck!

    Your granddaughter is growing at an alarming pace! Mind you, I say that about my grandson too....

  11. "How lovely to be oblivious
    to the woes of the world."