Sunday 21 August 2016

A little idea

that I'm pleased with.

I have a lot of toys left over from my own childhood,
my mother's nursery school
and my own children.

Some of them have seen better days, 
and are mostly without their original packing.
I have a goodly supply of small boxes and so until recently
was happy enough just to decant and store into those.

But with lids on, these were not very helpful to little B 
who likes to choose toys and put them away herself on the shelf.

So I photocopied the contents

directly on the photocopier bed

and stuck the startlingly 3D image

onto each of the lids.

I'm going to do the same with Lego.
I sorted that years before I knew there'd be anyone else
playing with it, so it's all complete with instructions 
but there are hardly any original boxes.

It was such fun that I am casting round for other things to photocopy.
Food perhaps?
Art equipment?


  1. For me, it would be embroidery threads. I love the texture of the colours (does that make sense?). Pictures of your paints and brushes would also be good. What an excellent idea!

  2. Very clever and I'm sure very popular with your granddaughter. My lego collection is still in the attic, like yours, with instructions but not boxes, waiting for a small person to come along and bring it back to life.

  3. Lucille, that is an excellent idea. Actually, I want to come over to your place and play with some of those toys! They are charming and lovely little B will have hours, days, weeks of pleasant playtime.

    As Toffeeapple has written, this photocopier idea will apply to many other contents and containers. xo

  4. Excellent idea. (Avoid body parts.)

  5. I'm keen to experiment, a great idea!

  6. Thought I might do it with my art pens and add a slash of each colour and a note on nib types and widths.I have several sets of those Ikea boxes with lots of little draws which will work for this.
    Good idea, thanks.

  7. You have Victorian patience and an eye for orderly beauty. They are wonderful.

  8. It's funny , one's no longer allowed to use old wooden toys in playschools anymore . The dreaded Health and Safety ...
    But my grandsons make a beeline for them when they're here . Does anyone still have any Sticklebricks (sp?)

    1. I must admit that the jigsaw village is a little splintery. I think the beads are not lead based paints but she's past the stage of putting things in her mouth. Yes I remember stickle bricks but I found them rather dull. I didn't like Fuzzy Felt either!

  9. Very impressive idea, though I'm still somewhat reeling from the picture of the mole, mirroring The Death Of Chatterton. (If I'm going to be dead, I'm going to be properly, dramatically, dead.)

    Your granddaughter puts things away???????

    1. I suppose if I'm honest it's mostly me but she does like helping and knows where everything is kept. She just likes 'putting' in general.

  10. Can I come over on the same day as Frances please? I know we get on and I promise to put things away. Who wouldn't want to in those beautiful boxes?

  11. I'm here for the jug story. Taps foot impatiently.

  12. Taps foot impatiently again.