Thursday 17 March 2016

Racing along

This is the torrent of photos
 that was released when the spanner in the blogging works was unjammed.
It doesn't make a lot of sense and doesn't have a neat story
to wrap round it except that this is how spring goes racing along here.

I've been busy making cards
from my old Brooke Bond tea card collection
which wasn't sparking joy but now is,

a cushion for the summer house
from an old curtain ditto,

passion fruit possets,

many more cards,

and looking after this funny little one, 
lately back from New York
sporting the latest in headgear
aka a neck cushion.


  1. Funny little thing .... what a lovely smile !

  2. Your cards are exquisite; to whom shall you send them? Ditto the ditto cushion.

    1. I would gladly send one to you and any other interested parties. Some of them have been sold in a shop. They are not making my fortune but it gratifies me to see them on display.

  3. Your cornucopia of photos sparks delight as I am especially fond of sea glass, moss, pussy-willow buds, passion fruit anything, cleverly repurposed lovelies and, best of all--grandchildren.

    1. Thank you. I must now find a way of repurposing the sea glass as it loses some of its allure when dry and stored in a jar. The thrill is in the moment of spotting it.

  4. Lucille, having that photo jam fixed has certainly allowed us a visual treat. Springtime sings its song from each picture!

    Your tea card cards are fabulous. Surely, they must be selling very well.

    I love the rosy Easter bonnet and the model is cuter with every passing day. xo

  5. It is always a pleasure to see sea-glass, I wonder why I am so attracted to it? Your cards are delightful, I do hope that they sell well.

    A lovely little elfin face to complete your post, thank you.

  6. Tea cards, my I used to collect them. Wonder where they ended up.......they make great cards ;)

  7. Your tea card cards are beautiful! I know just what you mean about sea glass - and it takes a lifetime of collecting to build up just a modest-sized amount for display.

  8. There is something rather symbolic in the release of your photos, just as Spring finally arrives...

  9. Spring does indeed come in such a rush. You have a very lovely grand daughter there. Strange how even when they are so young the essence of the person they are and will be comes shining through. I have one very cheery and adventurous and one very serious and thoughtful (plus the other four!). This essential character has been clear since they were babies. I love that. Of course they can grow and change but they can also be who they are.

  10. Interesting - I'm also in the process of making similar cards, complete with those satisfying little photo corners. Your photos are wonderful and do capture the essence of spring... And I do like that cushion!