Thursday 10 March 2016

A Tale of Two Cities

Once again the family is far flung.

grey and chill at 8 C.

New York basking in unseasonal warmth at 24 C.
And yes, I told them to take thermals
because when younger son was there it was -15 C.

We consoled ourselves today with cosmopolitan delights:
The Vogue 100 exhibition, a tuna burger and 

a matcha latte.
But we will be so glad when they are back.

I'm sure Spring will have arrived by then.


  1. Does that mean you are looking after the little dear with the perfect sleeves? Or perhaps it is someone else who has gone away. Not yet having had my own tuna-burger, perhaps my interpretation skills are flagging.

    1. No our little dear has gone to New York too. She is playing in an American sandpit. We will resume looking after her when they get back but then they are going for a whole year. This is a preparatory trip.

  2. Dear Lucille, I liked your photographs of the two river cities. I like both of the cities, too. I am hoping that next year we will be seeing each other in both places.

    I have no idea what a matcha latte is, but am intrigued to learn more about this beautifully served beverage.

    Your granddaughter is as adorable as ever, playing with some New York sand. I'm glad that the weather god have been kind during her first visit.


  3. Yes , one brings them up to enjoy the whole world and to feel free ...
    But it's hard not to feel sad when they leave .

  4. You will miss the little one when they move over there. Make the most of her while you still can.

  5. Oh dear. There ought to be a law about it...