Thursday, 14 January 2016


Drifting through January in a wispy sort of way.
Somewhat like this cloud.

Waiting for a shaft of light to illuminate
 a big (or even a medium-sized) idea.

Trying not to get too greyed out.
(This picture is in unedited glorious Technicolor.)

Trucking on like these purposeful
shingle shifters.
Their work is never done.
The tides rearrange the banks with untiring dedication.

I'm getting some new glasses.
Maybe that will help to refocus things.

How is January looking from where you are standing?


  1. What wonderful skies. I do think the weather hasn't been conducive to feeling motivated or positive – too much greyness does sap one's energy. I had been feeling a bit gloomy but I've had a productive few days and that's helped. Peaks and troughs. Hope your mojo returns soon.

  2. Such gorgeous seascapes, you are lucky.

    I look blurry in my selfportaits too.

    From here, January is just beginning to look like winter but that is fine by me because my indoor bulbs are starting to bloom.

  3. Shingle shifters....really....they exist, oh my.

    January was grey, until today when it has snowed and the sky is blue if it stays I will be happy......

  4. What fabulous photos. Much of the same feelings here as well, and a trip to the optician required. Surely it will all become clear before too long. CJ xx

  5. Grey is one of my favourite colours.
    To wear.
    Not for the weather!

  6. I love the picture of the shingle shifters, although at first glance I felt quite scared by them all lined up against the skyline.
    The sun is shining today and the skies are clear blue and so January is good. If it snows and rains then tomorrow January will be bad.
    I also need my eyes testing. I have a horrible feeling that I may need varifocals so I am putting it off, blurry is good.

  7. Lucille, I'm just about to stop wishing folks Happy New Year, since somehow I seem to have shifted myself into mid-January. There are many unpleasant swirls in our world just now, and so it is a particular delight to visit here and see your marvelous photographs and enjoy your wit. xo

  8. Blue sky and the sea, great tonic, too many grey wet days. I love your beach photographs, how you capture such amazing moments with your eye for a picture. Best wishes for 2016 .