Thursday 21 January 2016

High achiever

I have:

 cleaned the juicer
emptied the dishwasher
cleaned the coffee machine
thawed out the bird bath
changed the sheets
put on a wash
made some toast
emptied the wastepaper basket
folded the laundry
defrosted some mince pies
made some bread
emptied the compost bin
swept the floor
emptied the recycling bin
emailed a bloggy friend
washed my hair
selected some beachcombing photos

written this post.

Marvellous what you can achieve
when you have a tax return to do.


  1. Thank God my husband does the taxes, it would take me all year and we have to do them quarterly. Like your beachy pictures.

  2. Oh crikey – thank you for reminding me!

  3. Haha ..... now buckle down and get on with it. But thanks for taking the time to show those photos there is a marvelous clarity about them. Isn't it sad to find so much plastic on the beach ... even if it is quite charming in it's own way :-(

  4. Precisely ! Procrastination IS a force for good .

  5. Oooh yes! Maybe we should say thank you to the tax people.

  6. It`s that time of year again...... Otherwise that sounds a very productive day!

  7. And I was thinking you were filled with post-Kondo energy.

  8. I just heard an NPR story about how procrastinators come up with much better and more creative ideas (though with taxes, getting too creative might lead to trouble!)

  9. So familiar! I'm sitting reading blogs for just the same reason.Love the photos.

  10. I'm just here to complacently remark that mine have been done since October.

  11. Displacement's the best!

  12. I know exactly what you mean, I need a lie down once I've completed mine.

  13. Ah the fine art of procrastination - I know it well. I am thankful that I have never had to prepare a tax return.

  14. I'm dreading the day when I have to do a tax return.
    When the going gets tough around here (as in, when the three-year-old is destroying the last of my sanity) I go into the kitchen and bake. His dad has started doing the same thing at the weekend. We're never short of cake.

  15. Love the twist at the end of this post! Well done, putting your procrastination to very good use.

  16. Just buckle down to it, Lucille, because anything has to be better than cleaning the juicer.....

  17. Oh yes, nothing quite like a good bit of displacement activity for rushing through all those other things that suddenly feel attractive, important, and even urgent!
    Hope you're well on top of the return by now.

  18. First visit to your blog - first post read - laughed out loud!!!