Monday, 22 June 2015

Light show

The sun will set at 311º northwest this evening at 9.22 pm.

That means that for a few short days

I get to take pictures

of my paperweights

on the bookshelf

in the darkest room in the house.

I am less inclined to find photo opportunities
at 4.43 am when the sun rises at 49º northeast.

Heather was up at 5 am and washing up.
Here's what she saw.


  1. this is our first mid-winter here. Still observing where the sunlight falls.

  2. Amazing... Photography...

    I had not read Heather's post this morning. Thank you...

    Oh how I wish I could get back into the habit of early rising......... Somehow, that well engrained habit has disappeared. -sigh- Plus, as I get more 'olden', I need 9 hours of sleep instead of 8. Counter to what's said, to be usual. Oh well...


  3. Beautiful paperweights. I'm definitely with you on the crack-of-dawn rising. Far too early.

  4. Those lovely paperweights must be used for handwritten letters only and never for tax bills or dental appointments.

  5. Thank you, Lucille, for this beautiful light show. Very planetary to my eye and facinating.

    I also enjoyed clicking over to Heather's morning view. Wow.


  6. Oh, I have never thought to photograph my paperweights, though I do have some shots of my pressed glass and a tiny bit of cut crystal. Thank you for the inspiration Lucille.

  7. We have a room too which only sees the sun in summer evenings. I love our seasons and am so pleased that we don't live near the equator where the sun seems to set in minutes. Evening sunshine can be so beautiful. I don't often see the morning type at this time of year.

  8. I'm in love with your paperweights. I keep finding myself waking around 4.30am and then I have this lovely dream that I'm going to get up and see the day start...

  9. Beautiful! I was hankering after a paperweight recently which had a dandelion head suspended inside. One of those things which you keep thinking about...
    The light looks wonderful in your photographs. An inspired idea to capture it through the coloured glass like that!