Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Garden view envy

Shall we take a closer look?

How inviting is that?

And just out of shot,

quite nice horses.

I'm not mad about horses.
My sister was and I used to join in with games
involving homemade hobby horses.
They were made from a bamboo cane and a stuffed sock
with a woollen mane.
We called them Bracken and Briar.

Real ones had a habit of either stopping and refusing to budge,
head down in a grassy verge,
or throwing me off.

 Tania loves horses.
I'm not sure that she comes here,
but just in case she does . . .


  1. I have to confess to being a little wary of horses, ever since my neighbour in Kent introduced me to hers and it promptly bit me... well it did have a new foal.

  2. Horses are a bit big for me. Cats, now, I like cats.

    Your granddaughter is delightful.

  3. Lovely views here, Lucille, including those with horses. I think that my childhood homemade hobby horse was of the same breed as yours. I have very little adult horse acquaintance, but do know that a big horse race will be run near here this Saturday...the Belmont Stakes. There is a chance for one horse to this this race and become a triple crown winner...very rarely done.

    I like the looks of the horses you photographed in their elegant repose. No jockeys, no crowds, no whips.


  4. That second photo! Wow! And a G&T on a warm evening?

  5. An amazing view & well placed bench. The horses would put me off too. I'm not an animal person. Give me a bench with a view any time.

  6. A simply lovely view....

    I've never gotten very close to horses... But I would love to do so. :-) But they are just sooooooooooo bigggggggg. ,-) -sigh-



  7. Oh, that landscape . . . even without the horses. . .

  8. I love horses! And ponies. And pony books. I don't think I ever really grew out of it...
    You're right, that garden has a truly beautiful view. I'd never tire of it (I imagine it must look stunning after a snowfall).

  9. The bench - beautiful; the horses - fear! Terrified of the things.

  10. not particularly drawn to horses, but the view, their paddock, their serenity.... it all makes for wonderful peace.

  11. You didn't mention the biting, Lucille. Horses bite. And have great big teeth specially for so doing.