Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Finders keepers

I wondered where this Tangutica clematis had gone.

Today I found out.

It has climbed out of my garden
and gone next door.
I can only see it now 
if I lean out of the bathroom window.
I hope the neighbours are enjoying it.
Below is what it looks like
when you haven't accidentally switched 
the white balance to a mystery setting.

But on the other side of the garden I am
the grateful recipient of dozens
of falling pears.
I'm certainly enjoying those.


  1. My quince tree has decided to position most of its fruit on the branches overhanging my neighbour's garden. Fortunately they let me reclaim the quinces.

  2. There's nothing lost that a friend gets, as my Granny used to say. But then, she was a very nice person. I might be inclined to cut the clematis back... .

  3. The clematis is absolutely beautiful in its blueness. Could you offer it a better life or fewer chores if it came home?

  4. neighbours' clematis climbed over their fence into our yard, but we don't get any of their blueberries.

  5. Lucille, I thank you for your comment over at my place.

    How funny that your clematis wants to go walkabout (or is it climb about) while your neighbor's pears are directing themselves in your direction.

    I smiled reading this post, not having before really considered the migrations of plants and fruits in this way. Maybe your neighbors and you will have a late summer garden party together to see the lawns from the other side of the hedge?

    Oh, I have suddenly recalled my own 5 year old memory of collecting walnuts from a neighbor's yard. Oh...that was a long, long time ago.

    Thank you! xo

  6. The blue photos make it look as though you went out in the dead of night to check on your clematis. The biggest apples on my tree always grow on the neighbours side - as they say, the grass is always greener ...

  7. I am rather taken with your "blue period"..

  8. I agree with JoI.

  9. A little timely pruning of that clematis, and you could enter your yellow period next year...

  10. We too have a climber that's upped sticks and moved next door. Perhaps I should try the same photo treatment ... it's rather effective :)