Saturday 1 June 2013

This little piggy

went to Borough Market.

Today it was suddenly summer.
 I didn't want to be wanting
in the culinary department.
I whipped up some meringues
and used the veg box wet garlic in a chicken and lentil dish.
Tomorrow I must make strawberry ripple ice cream
and aioli.
And there are the short-lived Alphonso mangoes to fit in.
They are all on my list of things to eat in June.
There's not a moment to be wasted.

It'll be autumn before we know it.
Have I forgotten anything?


  1. I've also got wet garlic this week. Where can I find the chicken and lentil dish, it sounds devine.

  2. The recipe came with the veg box. It was just a casserole of sliced wet garlic, onions, celery, 4 tomatoes and carrots all chopped and sweated in olive oil and then I added ready cooked beluga lentils, simmered with water to cover and a slurp of sherry vinegar at the end.

  3. Just as I posted, I found the recipe in my vegbox. Will be trialling it tomorrow. Thank you for drawing my attention to it.

  4. Oh, Alphonso Mangoes - where do you find them? I haven't seen them for years.

  5. Lucille, this looks so good...don't you love this time of the year when fresh produce produces new additions to the menu every week?


  6. My son's girlfriend works on Borough market. I have yet to visit it, but it looks like a delight!

    I made coffee and cardamom ice cream yesterday (I think the idea must have been planted there subliminally after your previous post on smells!).

    The sun just shines out of your photos.

  7. I am drinking a rhubarb and ginger cider, which I like to think of as homemade, but isn't, to honour your honouring of summer.

  8. Beautiful Heritage tomatoes ! They're worth the trip tp Borough market , on their own .
    Arranged like that , the aubergines look like some ancient musical instrument ... perhaps similar in sound to a digereedoo , but more portable .

  9. I'm on my second box of Alphonso mangoes, and loving every single mouthful plus the joyous scent wafting around the kitchen. Also, to my delight, I found that Oddonos are presently making Alphonso mango sorbet which is every bit as good as it should be.

  10. The Farmer's Markets will soon be opening here. This makes me all the more eager.

  11. Nothing beats a proper fruit and veg market. We have a local market garden that supplies most of our veg an we're loving the asparagus at the moment. We would be loving Alphonso mangoes, if we could get them!

  12. Our farmer's market opens today! This year, I have joined an organic garden co-op, so we go to the farm once a week and pick whatever we like for the week. Plenty of lettuces and gorgeous bok choy, spinach and some herbs so far. I am hoping to buy the long-awaited local strawberries today and am determined to freeze more berries this year. We ran out far too soon.
    Your photography really is gorgeous and you have some stunning models, too :)
    Food, glorious, Food!

  13. I am reminded of the time that a grateful student sent a box of ripe mangoes all the way from Pakistan. Unfortunately the Professor in question was away on field work and by the time he returned his office was very, very 'fragrant'. Every member of staff had to agree to take one for immediate consumption.