Saturday 15 June 2013

Ever hopeful 2

Summer did come at last and, when it did,
it was one of those summers of poems and stories 
and country pictures,a once-upon-a-time summer,
it was hot day after day, week after week,
so that we slipped into a dream,
where we imagined it never ending,
a paradise world of long golden days.

Time stretched out into the pale far distance
and the mists that girdled the day about,
so that we seemed to be somehow suspended,
floating in them.

The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill 1982

Pictures from Great Dixter 2013 on a rare sunny day.


  1. I wish summer would come here!

    Lovely pictures.

  2. The M A Tree - one of my favourite books. Happy summer!

  3. Oh lovely pictures - and one of my favorite books as well. Time for another re-read.
    Thanks for posting this,