Monday 10 December 2012

Not-so pheasant dreams

We've heard them cackling in the woods,
but never seen one strolling on the garden wall before.
All I know about pheasants is that they like raisins and that
they were laced with the contents of sleeping tablets
in Roald Dahl's Danny the Champion of the World
in order to ruin Mr Hazell's shooting party.

Following my third well-nigh sleepless night
I am giving this technique,
dubbed Sleeping Beauty, some serious consideration.*

* I should make it clear that it isn't the pheasant
that is keeping me awake and I wish it no harm.


  1. I was so thrilled to see one strolling about outside my kitchen window a few days ago, the first time I have seen one in the garden. I see now that I was naive.

  2. "Your" pheasant has certainly created a wonderful seasonal photo op! These photographs are quite lovely.

    Best wishes to you on getting a nice long winter's sleep.

  3. Pheasants everywhere round here, shrieking and flapping like demented things. Rather beautiful birds, but no road sense!

    I sympathise with the sleeplessness; the night is so long when you're lying awake through it.

  4. Once upon a time , we lived in an old cottage in Hampshire and , since it was called Keeper's Cottage , it was no surprise to find pheasants treating our garden as their own . Rachel's right ... they're very silly .

  5. Being sleepless is not at all nice and I hope you find a solution very soon.

  6. Crazy night stuff was going on way over here, too. Even my 17-year old arthritic cat was up all night, making the circle through our bungalow over and over and over....Not to mention the other 2 cats and the dog who tossed and turned all night in my bed!!

  7. Sleep is such a great thing to do and yet if it doesn't come it must be so frustrating that you can't really make it happen. I do hope the situation resolves for you.