Wednesday 1 February 2012

The past is a foreign country

I have started going through some of my papers.

Today, I burnt all my senior school reports.
I kept the junior school reports,
because things had been going swimmingly 

up until the transfer from a tiny Preparatory school with 60 pupils

to a grammar school with 600.

I sank without trace.


  1. But here you are now, conspicuously unsunk, so it all worked out well in the end.

  2. Like you, I found some old papers the other day...including some old love letters(!) I did some tidying-up, throwing away, etc...but kept the letters to read when I'm a little old lady!

  3. Something stuck, though - you write so beautifully! Letters from Abroad, blog-style.

  4. I have just one small box to go through and I know that it will take a very short time to whittle it down to an even smaller box. All the important papers are with the Will writing company or my daughter. Easy.

    Good luck with yours!

  5. But you have resurfaced........ you HAVE! :o))))))))))))

  6. What a change that must have been But you survived!

  7. My 90-year old Mom died this summer; she saved everything! So my daughter and I have had fun going through my school ups and downs, but then cheerfully let the papers go to the recycler. But I can't seem to let my mother's report cards go.

  8. That's the good thing about getting older. We can throw out the bad memories and dwell wholeheartedly on the good, if we choose. Lovely award and photo :)