Friday 10 February 2012

The Dig

The site.

The (very hardy) archaeologists.

 The plans.

The hole.

The medieval town wall?

Let's hope not,
because if it is,
we won't be getting our extension.

On the other hand,
we might get to be on this programme.


  1. Exciting in two ways? I hope the news is good.

  2. Exciting either way! Can't wait to hear what happens.


  3. I don't know whether to say "How exciting!"............ or......... "How worrying"..............

  4. We'll see you on television - with bits of old clay pot, and mosaic floor tiles in your hands - will you wear a woolly hat do you think?!

  5. I think I'll go for the Mick Aston look with a rainbow jumper.

  6. I met Mick Aston when he came to talk to the History Society here. He was wearing one of the jumpers and had brought another two with him ... all very pilled, he obviously really does wear them all the time! But did you know who he just quit Time Team? I hear they're looking for a replacement ... ;D