Wednesday 29 February 2012


February 29

Odd, waif-like Day, the changeling of
Man's 'time' unreckoned in his years;
The moon already shows above
Thy fickle sleet - now tears!

As brief thy stay has been as though
Next Spring might seal our tryst again.
Alas, fall must four winters' snow
Ere you come back. And then?

I love thy timid aconite,
Crocus, and scilla's deep- sea blue;
Hark, too, that rainbird, out of sight,
Mocking the woodland through!

But see, it's evening in the west:
Tranquil, withdrawn, aloof, devout.
Soon will the darkness drape your breast,
And midnight shut you out!...

Sweet February Twenty Nine!-
This is our grace-year, as I live!
Quick now! this foolish heart of mine:
Seize thy prerogative!

Evening in the west has passed
And darkness wrapped me round
I didn't seize the day alas,
For to the house was bound.

I waited in from Two 'til Nine!-
At John Lewis' bidding,
There was an ancient wash machine
I needed to be ridding.

But stay! Twas not all squander'd though,
I planted up my seed trays,
With myriad herbs and flowers to grow
In coming grace-filled spring days!

With apologies to Walter de la Mare.


  1. Very good! Practical and poetic all in one.

  2. I commend the John Lewis Partnership for keeping you indoors, Lucille.

    I'm hoping that all future delivery-waits are regarded as further time to rhyme!

  3. Sniggering (yet again) at one of JofIndia's comments.

    Isn't it grand to be sowing seeds in anticipation of Spring/Summer?

  4. John Lewis should be honoured for featuring in such a fine poem. They will probably be offering a 20% off celebratory discount sale.

  5. That was so cleverly done, I almost missed that I was reading your words! I should definitely let JLP know that they have featured in your poem.