Friday 15 May 2009

On the kitchen table

A small Rye Pottery jug,

( to go with these - I have a weakness for stripes )

with the last of the wallflowers in it.

And my latest find from the Batsford Home front series,

(specially written for people who are now living or interested in living in the country perhaps for the first time.)

The reviews are most wonderfully fulsome and generously punctuated.

The publishers have here eclipsed their own high standard.

The illustrations are as good as they could possibly be.
(A bit double edged that one.)

To the firm of Batsford belongs the credit of producing the most beautifully illustrated book that have appeared in our time on the English - and, indeed, the Irish - rural scene.

And because I am trying to adhere to the space saving principle
that anything new brought into the house, should be counterbalanced  by something leaving,
I have parted company with these Poole Pottery Twintone shells. 

1 comment:

  1. love the colours, love the stripes, love the drippings of flowers, love the book, love the shells (and love that you cleared them out to make room).

    just love it!!