Friday 13 January 2023

A big hello back at you

I have been so deskilled by defecting to Instagram that

I cannot comment on other people’s blogs

and I cannot even reply to my own comments.

But here I am, cranking up a new post, and even a dim selfie,

in nostalgic mood

rather missing the old connections

and the ability to write longer sentences and paragraphs.

So thank you for visiting the old place,

shuttered and dusty as it is.

You’ve been missed.


  1. Hi Lucille
    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    I don't read blogs very often these days but very happy to see you making a flying visit to Blogland.

    1. I think it is going to be very sporadic. Are you well?

  2. Hurrah! I've found you on Instagram and hope to stalk your flowers and furnishings there, in the light and in the half-light.

    1. Do please say if you’d like to stalk as I’ve kept that account private. You’d be so welcome.

    2. Yes please! I tried to follow but it's pending - I guess you have to approve the request.

  3. Instagram, Twitter both take far too much time. It's interesting how truncated our responses become. Imagine if we spoke like that. I suppose some people do