Thursday 16 June 2022

Covid S/S 2020 for the record

Found on a moribund computer, briefly resuscitated,
and in no particular order,
the local walks, the home schooling, the home recording studio,
the silence, the decorated windows, the sourdough, 
the distanced birthdays, 
the locked down son from abroad,
the blue skies without con trails, the loud birds.
All strangely distanced even though the virus is still cutting swathes 
through friends and acquaintances 
with barely an interested nod by way of acknowledgment.


  1. So lovely. Thank you for the pictorial ramblings through your days.

  2. It's nice to be reminded. For me they were good days, a chance to keep company with the daughters before they headed pell-mell for the wide world, suddenly grown-ups. Flowers, bakes, stretches of seashore and an escape from consumerism. A big hello to you, Lucille.

    1. Hello Mise by wild tapping and zig zagging and help from others, I have found a way back into my comments - huzzah. I cannot believe that Pink Daughter and Blue Daughter are out in the wide world.I would love to hear more from Pretty Far West but I understand that we can look back but we can’t go back.Do you do Instagram or have you eschewed it?