Sunday 24 March 2019

Spring hat

There was a time when despite not being a hat wearer,
I used to have an irresistible urge to buy a hat for spring.
One year it was a yellow felt hat with a bunch of artificial primroses 
pinned above the brim.
I wish I still had it.
I'd have worn it today.
My friend Jonathan (he of the now silent Neither Use Nor Ornament) 
sent this from Kerala.

I rather like the broad brimmed one with the purple gingham ribbon and trim
but I fear I would, as usual, look like a mushroom in it.

Anything there take your fancy?


  1. I rather fancy the bright green one, second row down. I could swagger about, shooting my cuffs, like that friend of Del Boy's.

  2. The pink one in the upper left hand corner would be my choice.

  3. I miss Jonathan's blog, it was always so interesting to read of his daily life there.

    I used to wear hats in the 60s - a different one for each outfit but now I look very silly wearing one. My Mother (and probably all women in the neighbourhood) never went out bare-headed, she always wore a hat or a beret. I like the same one as you do, in that picture.

  4. I remember my mother wearing hats.
    But mine are sunhats - a soft pink. And a well used white cotton for gardening.

  5. I'd have the second top right one, the cream with pink flowered trim and band. But I'd look ridiculous. In my youth it might have been ok, possibly. Anyway, I don't like wearing hats. My hair is too squashy.

  6. I love hats, mainly cowboy style straw sunhats, but if I thought I could get away with it I'd wear a top hat. I wonder if your spring hat urge stems from childhood Easter bonnets? I always have the urge to make one...