Monday, 12 March 2018

Smoke and mirrors

Still coughing.
And thinking about the 500 pub-goers and diners of Salisbury 
who must be wondering whether it is really a sufficient precaution
to wipe their phones, glasses and jewellery with baby wipes
to get rid of traces of Novichok, a chemical more toxic than sarin.
And then what do they do with the baby wipe?
Pop it into the recycling bin?

And here I am worrying about how to dispose of my old electric toothbrush head
in an environmentally responsible way.


  1. Yes utterly bizarre isn’t it.
    So sorry to hear you’re still coughing - it’s a nasty bug this one. Not easy to shake off. Hope it leaves soon.

  2. I like that picture, it is quite confusing at times.

    What got me about the Salisbury thing is that people were advised to wash their clothing but surely that would just spread the toxin through the environment? Good luck with your toothbrush head.

    1. I know! They had to destroy the table they were sitting at though not just give it a wipe down with a J-cloth and some Flash.

  3. Had this been a television programme from the '80s, there would have been mass internment camps on Salisbury Plains, Geiger counters and plucky women in headscarves.
    I'm not sure if reliance on baby wipes represents progress.

  4. That's a great picture Lucille! Satisfying in so many ways. And a nice antidote to the insanity of humanity...