Friday 12 January 2018


 All the cosseting  paid off.

A largely unmolested bed of crisp winter salad.*

My thanks to Rocket Gardens for kicking it off.
Their tomato seedlings were brilliant last year too.

*Except ironically, the rocket which vanished.
And the sacrificial Lamb's Lettuce.


  1. Totally impressed. Mine died. They look lovely.

  2. Oh yours looks great Lucille! Mine (also Rocket Gardens) is doing as well as can be expected after SlugFest 2017... I've been able to harvest quite a bit though, but I think the back garden doesn't get enough light this time of year. No complaints about the quality of the seedlings though - will be ordering more...

  3. These look brilliant - and I'm glad to see the knife and bowl of cut leaves - useful and beautiful indeed! I will investigate as my first Spring salad sowings are inevitably sacrificial and it will be good to have strongly grown plants ready to go.

  4. Well done. I keep talking about planting, but then the moment passes....

  5. Some lovely healthy salads there. Well done for persevering!

  6. Looking good, Lucille! Back on blogger again and trying to resurrect my almost abandoned blog.