Tuesday 8 August 2017

Summery summary

From Soulemama came this idea to knit a hat,
The Happiest Hat, in the round, in Fair Isle using up oddments.
Not something I've ever done before.
I cast on the requisite number of stitches,
because surely I can count,
and found to my horror,
 several ticklish rounds later, that I was five short.
Never mind I thought. I have made a start.
I will carry on and it will just have to be for a smaller head.
I had just such a one in mind.

From Cornflower came this book recommendation.
I lay down on the grass directly. No rug.
Not something I usually do.
It is that sort of book.

From Laughingkidslearn came all sorts of craft ideas
for entertaining granddaughter last week.

 And from my correspondent in India quite coincidentally, 
came a video demonstrating the art of rangoli
which gives me an idea for all that rainbow rice
now that the grandaughter is on tour again.

A little memento left by my computer.


  1. Replies
    1. Steep learning curve but it is recognisably a hat.

  2. Your shot of the Wood Anemone with the red Admiral is superb. Your shot of your Grand-daughter is stunningly beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Wasn't that lucky? I honestly didn't see it.

  3. Can I come and play? Summer at your house looks fun! Especially all that rainbow rice. Beautiful photos Lucille. The Artist's Garden has been on my wishlist - looks like it might be worth bumping it up to the top...

  4. I'm SO impressed by the hat (and the granddaughter).

  5. Where do you get the rainbow rice? Or did you dye it yourself? Please tell.

    1. Yes I dyed it myself with food colouring. There are instructions in the link.

  6. Your coloured rice looks excellent; I'm planning to make play dough sometime with little grandson, but at present it's movement that inspires him - running, jumping, rocking, swinging - with little time to sit down to a quiet activity!

  7. I've so enjoyed this summery summary. Never knew about rainbow rice before now.
    Trying to catch up with your posts...I will now scroll a bit farther back in time. xo