Thursday, 24 August 2017

Late summer jollity

There's no doubt that summer is winding up.

But the fine weather is holding up

and the colours are intensifying.

So there's still something to bring a smile to our faces.

We went to see a show at the Camden Fringe last night.
My very first new-mum-friend's son, Thomas Joyce, was performing.
He didn't have an easy start in life thirty years ago
but now has a PhD and a thriving sideline as a stand up comedian.
There's one more show tonight in London
and then a late night performance in Edinburgh on the 25th.
Made me laugh. 


  1. I do so love the onset of Autumn, all the bounty and the colours. I particularly like your 'smiley' Sunflower.

    I wish Thomas Joyce well for tonight and at Edinburgh.

  2. Thank you Lucille - some jollity was just what I needed. Could you send me some of the good weather too?

  3. Isn't it great when you watch them blossom and grow. Which applies equally to the plants, thefryi, and the young people.

  4. Lovely pictures of what full summer can produce...I won't ever forget the smile on that sunflower! xo