Monday, 19 June 2017

Unintended Kondoing

Well it needed doing admittedly,
but the matter was accelerated at the weekend while my back was turned.
My daughter-in-law, calling by to fetch a car seat in our absence
heard an alarm beeping and traced it to the freezer.
She wisely did not alert us to this 
as there was nothing that could be done about it until our return.

We ate the lamb curry with melted mango chunks lassi and binned the rest.
Luckily there wasn't any raw meat in it 
and I hadn't just batch cooked a month's worth
of delicious meals so I'm thinking of this as a fresh start.

Could have done with some ice cubes today though.


  1. That's very sad . It's lovely to have a stash of delicious instant suppers to fall back on . The Pot Noodles of middle age ....

  2. I have checked my freezer to make sure I haven't just batch-cooked a month's worth of delicious meals either, and, thankfully, no. It's nice to start again and escape the moral imperative to use up.

  3. Enforced Kondoing does provoke mixed feelings doesn't it. (I recently had to throw out all my socks due to moth infestation.) A fresh start is quite freeing though. Your last meal sounded nice - I hope that sparked some joy! Lovely light through the glass.

  4. Oops. We had a similar experience with a fridge a few months ago, but fortunately there wasn't much in it because we'd been away. Enjoy your fresh start!