Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Something in a vase

Most of my flower arranging is born of necessity
when thinning out heavy plants,
or pruning flopping ones.

These day lilies I brought inside because they were out of sight,
and as their name implies over so quickly.

Moon daisies continue to behave thuggishly in their over-rich soil
and instead of waving decorously in a delicate meadow, crash about
and lean heavily on anything else that struggles to show its face.

Such as this cornflower.
Although admittedly this was more a victim of my clumsiness.
I was weeding, when I simultaneously discovered it and crushed it.
I'm hoping it revives in water.

Ikebana it is not.


  1. Daises are supposed to be easy to grow...right? I remember meadowlands thugish with them when I was a girl. And yet I have spent the last 6 or more years planting and losing them. Alas, stricken down in their youth. What is your secret? Compost? Your bouquet of daisies and ruffly something-or-other is, therefore, a delight to look at.

    1. No my problem is too much rich soil where the meadow grass was laid and so they are far too vigorous and not at all the desired effect. The yellow ruffly something name escapes me too!

  2. I have been trying to post my version of Ikebana from my iPad without success but so pleased to see yours. Have you been watching the Japan season too? Fascinating !

    1. Yes just caught up with the James Fox programmes and a couple of the others - Kimono and Hamada pottery.

  3. Oh, I like your pink bottlebrush things. What are they?

    1. Sanguisorba Pink Tanna. Very light and airy stems good with fine grasses.