Wednesday 13 July 2016

Upgrade, downgrade, retrograde

Well I knew it was going to be a bore,
but with more and more of my usual processes being given
the computer says, 'No' treatment,
I made a last ditch attempt to bring my old Mac up to date
with its first ever upgrade to El Capitan.

It didn't like it one bit.
It groaned and protested and chucked a spinning beach ball around all night.
Then it said it couldn't find my Bluetooth keyboard or mouse
but would I please enter my password.
So my son kindly sent away for the plug in variety of both
and we were back on speaking terms.

But another part of the problem lay in my extensive photo collection
happily housed in carefully labelled Events in iPhoto.
Now they have been ported into a new library called Photo
and it as if the whole lot were chucked into the air
and then randomly stuffed into shoe boxes 
called Moments, Albums and Collections.

I hardly dare to upload a photo here,
because it must laboriously search for every single picture taken since 2008,
playing with the beach ball all the while, 
and then I must try to find one to illustrate my bon mots.
But I'm going to give it a go
because otherwise it's all up with this blogging business
and back to pen and paper diaries.

 Well worth the wait.
I think I deserve a little flowery crown too.


  1. Oh dear, it sounds horrible. I feel your pain, there have been hitches here too from time to time. I hope you get the better of it all soon. CJ xx

  2. Oh Lucille, I count my blessings that I don't have to see that spinning beach ball very often. It's extremely annoying.

    Your little Princess of the Flowers is beyond adorable. I know I would spoil her and think you might be doing the same.

    Don't you wonder how names like El Capitan arise? They are a bit annoying when they do provide the promised upgrade and definitely way beyond annoying when the delivery is filled with problems.

    I do hope that you will be able to keep on blogging, without the tech side of it being a reason to quit.


  3. Well done.
    I have not found Photos to be nearly as user friendly as iPhoto was.

  4. Your post brought back memories of my Mac disaster last year (I still have random folders and unsorted files). Thank goodness you didn't lose your photos altogether. Hope it all settles down asap. It's a lovely day here - hope it is where you are. A good day for making a daisy crown, I think.

  5. I feel your pain with the Photos app Lucille - I'm used to it now but iPhoto Events were so much nicer. You should be able to find all your previous Events if you go to 'view', choose 'show sidebar' and in the sidebar under 'albums' should be a folder called 'iPhoto events'. Click on that and all your painstakingly organised events should appear... Shame it doesn't save new photos in the same way. I've also found that keeping my huge photo library on an external hard drive instead of on my Mac has really helped speed things up. I don't know if that would help though if memory is the issue rather than capacity, but might be worth a try as a full hard drive will make it slower too.
    Do backup first though. And maybe a selection of flowery crowns while you wait? :-)

  6. Not knowing anything about Macs, I nevertheless sympathise. Your little princess is so cute, however!

  7. Yep had that problem here too. I don't use photo anymore as it drives me mad. Just save them into files onto the Mac and backup all the time so we don't loose them! Hope you get to grips with it soon :)

  8. Oh dear, I hope you have it sorted out very soon. Thank you for posting pictures of your flower fairy, she is so pretty.

  9. Sorry but I haven't a clue what you are talking about so can't comment but the little princess photo is delightful.

    1. I haven't a clue what I'm talking about either!

  10. Being talked to by anyone under 20 ( and they're all under 20 ) about computer-y things renders me mute at the best of times . It's the sudden startled look in their eyes when they realise you haven't got a clue what they're talking about ...

  11. In answer to your question,you seem AOK!

  12. Yes, Apple have much to answer for.... But somewhere, in a similar muddle, are all my Picasa photos, messed up terribly by iPhoto and their own upgrade. Leave well alone, sez I.

    PS Yes, you should have a crown too.