Friday, 3 June 2016

Through new eyes

Admiring the alliums.

Loving the warm sand.

Watching the tide roll in.

Wearing grandad's hat.

Joining in with the Morris Men! 
The perfect end to a Bank Holiday holiday.

Since when it has been unremittingly cold and grey.
We have the heating back on.

Where must I go to find some summer sun?


  1. It's going to hit 29 here tomorrow, apparently, and that's a bit more heat than I'm ready for. But it's been cool-ish up until now, this afternoon just nudging 22. . .
    Isn't it wonderful getting a whole 'nother chance to see the world through a newbie's eyes? Best thing about grandparenting, and intensified by the knowledge we have at this age that it will pass so quickly. I'm driving 90 minutes tomorrow, in too much heat, to spend a few hours with someone equally enthralled with a world all hers to discover. Quite like the notion of we Nanas and Granddads linked across oceans and continents by the thrill of watching these wee ones.

  2. I should stay put Lucille, tomorrow's going to be lovely apparently.

  3. It's a bizarre change from sunny warmth to your current chill. This climate change stuff is stunning.

    Your little one's summer discovery photographs are lovely. I like her sense of style, and bought myself a new sun hat yesterday.

    Happy weekend to you and yours. xo

  4. Sweet pictures Lucille, thank you.

    You might get some sun tomorrow, otherwise head up to Scotland.

  5. Grandpa's hat suits her to a T ! What did she think of the Morris dancers ?

  6. Well, Edinburgh? We've had a week of perfect weather. Sorry!

    And the baby is so lovely.

  7. I am a long way off this time but I am sure it is very special watching the world though the eyes of grandchildren. We have the sun shine, it would seem, which is most unusual for us up here in the North West! The west seems to be fairing better than the east at the moment :). So go west........

  8. That one of her with Grandpa's hat on is just too sweet for words!

  9. The sun has finally appeared here, so I'm hoping it has for you too :-)

  10. Very lovely pictures. That is a very stylish young lady. Like materfamilias I love the idea of grandparents across the world rediscovering through the eyes of a child. It is a special thing and to be made the most of. For us it is fleeting. For our grandchildren their childhood will shape the people they will become.

  11. I am wilting here in Chicago at 33C. Perhaps we could trade houses for a week or two.