Tuesday 21 June 2016

Snappy snaps

I'd relied upon Tuscany to provide me with much blog worthy material
but, as the prevalent exclamatory writing style has it.

There was a cat. Monroe.

On a nice mat.

And a couple of shadow opportunities
when a fitful sun appeared.

But mostly it was about dodging the torrents.
This one at the top of the Torre Grossa in San Gimignano.

And lamenting the presence of chainsaws
in the valley below our house.

Yes down there in the fog.
8.30 until 5.00 unless it rained.

On the plus side, the food is not affected by rain.
And the chainsaws cannot follow one into restaurants.

Also it was very green and the wildflowers were abundant.

And I wasn't once bitten by a mosquito.


  1. Shame about the weather - but lovely wildflower photos.

  2. Did you ever find out about the chainsaw massacre?
    Maybe, removing diseased olive trees?

    1. Diana we found out eventually that workers were clearing the woods for a garden round a building that was to be renovated. There was nothing to be done about it. They had their work to do. The noise was amplified by the hills acting as amplifiers.

  3. Dear Lucille, wise of you to find a way to deal with the chainsaw schedule that would allow you all to have a good day.

    I am increasingly on the side of workers doing hard work, and less and less on the side of workers I encounter who seem to be on a work site, but seem to be fixated on the screens of their smart phones. I still believe that the non-smartphone contingent are getting the required projects completed.

    Do I begin to sound as if I am on the outer edges of fogeyism? Or do I just want to be able to afford a smartphone?


    1. I agree that constant checking of smart phones must be affecting productivity. They exert a powerful pull on their owners who have to keep checking them. As someone said, it is a bit like constantly going to your front door to see if there is anyone there!

  4. I'd never thought of that - it is indeed like going to the front door every few minutes (or more frequently than that).
    Well done for dealing with the chainsaws in such a sensible way. I struggle with other people's noise. It affects me really very badly until I become edgy, annoyed and fixated. Barking dogs and loud music, or people who deliberately put noisy exhausts on their souped-up cars in the belief that it will get them stares of admiration.
    Oh dear, I'm off.
    Your wildflower photos are really lovely.

  5. Tuscany can be like that, we once had a fortnight of rain almost every day, had to put the heating on in our cottage and I ran out of books before the end of the first week. Now I never travel without a small library.

  6. The wild flowers are beautiful, Lucille. We are just back from a week on the Kent/E Sussex border (aka home for me) where the noise of garden machinery was relentless - mowers, strimmers, chainsaws... whenever one stopped, the next started up. Noise pollution is a menace but I hope it didn't ruin your Tuscany holiday.

    1. Yes that's exactly what we thought we were escaping! No, there was much to enjoy, but it was a bit tarnished.

  7. I do like that smartphone analogy. I came across a new word relating to them recently, a smombie which is someone who is glued to their phone whilst walking slowly (and without looking up) it is an amalgam of smartphone user and zombie! Eating in restaurants all day sounds wonderful, especially if it is interspersed with walks to look at beautiful wild flowers. I love the first shadow picture too.