Sunday, 28 February 2016

Waking too early

Waking at 5.30 Frances took her camera to the deck to photograph
 daybreak on a tiny Canadian West Coast island.
I stayed in bed, listened to 
Something Understood's A Walk in the Woods,
and caught this hauntingly beautiful piece
as I drifted back to sleep.

Revisiting other dawns:

 If you wake early, what do you do?


  1. Such beautiful photos. We don't get up often to see the sunrise.

  2. Chuckling. . . .thanks for the mention, even if you didn't follow my example. I can never get back to sleep, at least not without enough shuffling and wriggling and snuffling and throat-clearing that I'd wake the fellow next to me in the bed. . . Nor do I have music within arm's reach. . . but I'm up early now, having tiptoed out of the bed I shared with my granddaughter last night, and now I'm in the next room, ready to press Play on the song you've gifted me along with your beautiful photographs. Thank you! Hope the rest of your day is/was as pretty as the pictures ;-)

  3. I frequently waken early but I seldom get out of bed until the world has aired.

  4. I seldom see dawn, unless in a crisis, and then the unfamiliar beauty is a compensation.
    I am SO not a morning person!

  5. Wonderful. I almost always wake too early. If it's not cold I might manage a run. Or a little writing. But when it's cold I stay in bed with my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep. CJ xx

  6. I read when I can't sleep. Or write. But I don't stay in bed. I go into the kitchen, brew a pot of tea and make a plate of toast. I'm not a morning person and yet, once I am awake with all these comforts to hand, I love the silence and the almost breathless expectation of dawn. Sometimes, if I begin to feel a bit droopy after an hour or three, I go back to bed and sleep like a slut until 9.

  7. Sunrises can be glorious just like your lovely pictures. I do wake early but not at 5.30. I love to get up and potter about, enjoying the silence and stillness in the not yet awake house.

  8. The only time I see the sunrise is when I can't get to sleep at all so I rarely wake early, but (in the unlikely event) I, like you, would simply drift off again...