Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The missing weekend

Following Sue's excellent instructions,
I used Pic Monkey to make a collage
of the last few days when summer took a curtain call.

Featured are:
the air raid shelter wall at the bottom of our garden
which has such beautiful brick shades, I think it deserved a picture to itself,

Grantchester meadows and the River Cam in Cambridge
whence we returned our son for yet more Japanese studying,
(we had tea at The Orchard),
a few grasses from a nursery in Sussex to rectify the rather disastrous
meadow grass experiment,

(first year great, second year thistles, moon daisies and narrow-leaved plantain
 overwhelmed the thirty six other weedier weeds)
and finally my Cornus kousa chinensis,
displaying its fine autumn colour.


  1. Oh very nice indeed. Glad my tutorial was of help.

  2. A beautiful collage, and what a lovely wall. I'm a big fan of old brick, it always looks good in the garden. The river Cam is looking gorgeous. CJ xx

  3. Old brick are so much nicer to look at than new ones which are, almost invariably, boringly similar.

    What are the fluffy things in the central picture? They look like rabbit tails...

    1. One of the grasses, sadly unlabelled at Marchant's Hardy Plants.

  4. Lucille, I enjoyed this post so much (and also thank Sue for her tutorial, even if I've yet to find time to explore its possibilities.)

    I am a fan of old bricks, as was my late father, who when I was a child designed and had a house built, using old bricks. Whenever I am over in the UK, I always stare at bricks and even take photos. I did a bunch of watercolor paintings that explored this brick devotion. Must try to find where some of those paintings have gone. Or even better...do some more, when my current rather pressured hours open up a bit.

    Thank you for providing me with some beautiful and useful inspiration. xo

  5. Did you live in that house or was it for someone else? If you find those paintings do show them.

  6. I have very happy memories of Granchester and Cambridge (not as a student, I hasten to add, but my mid-20s when I lived nearby) and your photos are lovely. You've got some gorgeous-looking grasses on the back seat there.

  7. Nice! (I've got a meadow grass experiment going on, too -- successful-ish.