Saturday 11 April 2015

Where was I?

Enjoying a fine Spring day at Sissinghurst.

Picking the first Spring flowers from the garden

Flying a kite.
I used to be a bit of a whizz with a Peter Powell stunt kite
on the Bristol Downs.
They were the Toy of the Year in 1976.
This one was harder to control but just as exhilarating.

Finding a silver fish on the beach.

Picking wild garlic for pesto and chicken.

Watching gambolling lambs
and worrying about the lost ones.

Being with all the family for Easter.

Getting another year older
and feeling just the same
even if the mirror begs to differ.


  1. It's my favourite too so I put it at the top!

  2. Wonderful, thank you! I love that expansive landscape view -- with lambs, magical! And the baby neck -- so like my granddaughter's, precious.

  3. Thank you for the pictures, they are lovely.

    I hope my wild garlic comes up again.

  4. The photo of your little granddaughter ... heart-warming.

  5. Lovely pictures Lucille - Sissinghurst is looking mighty fine. I haven't seen many gambolling lambs round here yet. I can smell that wild garlic from here!

  6. I want all my windows to be like that, and I'm pleased to see granddaughter in very becoming small florals.

  7. You are so fortunate to be able to visit Sissinghurst. I love your images.
    A delightful uplifting post

  8. Quince blossom and an orange sky. So many nice images here.
    Now as well as the kite. I think you covered all the rainbow colours here, the pot of gold was the beautiful bundle of joy your granddaughter.
    Now what could I swop for that fish?

  9. Dear Lucille, thank you for your kind comment on my Last Post. I will, of course, be dropping by your 'place' here often to see what beautiful and or whimsical thing you have posted. That will not change :)
    All the best to you as well. Such a kissable granddaughter you have!

  10. Oh, Sissinghurst! I've been there once and hope to go again in August, since we'll be in Kent. Lovely photos as usual, including that beautiful baby.

  11. Lucille, everything that I have seen and read in this post has raised my spirits. I'm writing this after working for ten hour on a Sunday, and feeling just a bit sorry for myself.

    Turned that page now. Thank you. xo

  12. I am color-starved. So satisfying to stop by your place for a feast.