Monday 20 April 2015

I am slightly indisposed

which is a nuisance

when the weather is so nice

and there is such a lot to do

in the garden

such as scrubbing the silver birch trunks

and planning 

to do better 

with the containers this year.

I have picked a vase of Flaming Spring Green tulips
to go with my Flaming Spring Sore throat.


  1. It really is a perfect place to recuperate .
    ( Why are you scrubbing your trees ? To rid your Convalescent Ward of germs ? )

  2. Lucille, when i take a look at the photographs and read your very witty commentary, I am charmed! I am also so sorry that you are under the weather and are not able to appreciate all that you would wish to be able to appreciate.

    Is this April being cruel. No...still days left before we turn to May. Over here in NYC, spring continues to flirt with us, with warm, blue sky, sunshine, and then very strong winds blow in chilly afternoons, nights, mornings with rain included. And then we reset our wardrobe choices...and the weather warms up again. Flower wise, this is good because our trees, shrubs and bulbs are having their season extended.

    Today was a chilly, windy, rainy one. Tomorrow has a better promise. I will take my camera out with me for a long walk, away from sidewalks and pavement.

    Hoping that you will be feeling 100% soon. xo

  3. The tulips are striking but your throat must be on fire. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Well, I am full of sympathy, but baffled by this birch-scrubbing. Baffled. I have heard of protecting eucalyptus by putting vaseline on its trunk, but the birch is beyond me. Can you help?

  5. Horticultural corner: If you have gone to the trouble of planting five Betula jacqumontii for their gleaming white bark and you find that they have turned green with algae over the winter, then a simple remedy is to scrub them with a kitchen pan brush. They will be quickly restored with a quick swish with the hose, to their bloggable pristine brightness. You will do this even if you are running a fever because you are devoted to your readers.

  6. Your readers thank you.

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm just getting over a lengthy cold. Ah yes, said a friend, you've got the 100 day cold. So cheering! (It wasn't, quite.)

  7. I, for one, truly appreciate your efforts with the Silver Birches Lucille, they look beautiful. That Tulip is amazing, I didn't realise what it was.

    Wishing you well soon.

  8. Your tulips are so unusual - I do hope your throat is a little less sore.

  9. Here's hoping the tulips are still flaming but not your throat. Feel better x

  10. We have guests from London staying the week, but the river birches caught wind of a barmy British custom called "scrubbing" and are behaving themselves.

  11. Oh my, those tulips! So beautiful. Although I do hope your throat feels better soon.
    Your photographs are lovely. And that magazine looks dreamy too.
    Our new house (well, garden) has a silver birch tree. As soon as we get the keys I'm getting outside and scrubbing the trunk.
    S x