Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The scarves are on the line

Once I'd unhooked the clematis and given the line a wipe
I was able to hang out the first washing of the year
and because I have been well-schooled by magazines, blogs
and even cookery books (I'm looking at you Ms Raven)

I knew better than to put out any old uncoordinated laundry.

I washed my scarves and lamented just a little bit
the lack of a shepherd's hut behind the washing line.

and indeed, the lack of a meadow

 and the beautiful Sussex High Weald
behind the shepherd's hut.

Mr Raven, otherwise known as Adam Nicholson
came to give a talk about the Shiant Isles 
(bequeathed to him by his father Nigel Nicholson)
in the Primary school recently.
I met him another time at an Open Day for Perch Hill.
He was taking the money at the gate
They work hard.

I really can't begrudge them.


  1. A lovely array of scarfage Lucille

  2. Not just lovely scarves that should be hung out in a tidy, co-ordinated way - even humble tea towels with indelible cocoa stains, or pet bedding with that ugly paw print design that seems to be the norm, should look nice as they flap in the breeze! IMO, of course.

  3. Most desirable scarfage.

    Do you have a brick wall situated so as to provide a backdrop? I'm thinking industrial chic might be the way to go, given your failings in the hut/meadow/weald department ;)

  4. All your scarves are so Spring-like !
    I took advantage of the warm breeze to wash and dry thick wooly jumpers that I fervently hope not to need again till December . Not nearly so pretty .

  5. I wish for a washingline - and someone to do my laundry...