Monday, 17 March 2014

Sitting under a magnolia tree

This weekend
 I sat under a magnolia tree.

I must have sat there for at least two minutes

Then I thought, I really must get a picture of this
beautiful tree and I got up to fetch my camera.

I sat down again under the magnolia tree.

Then I saw another sycamore seedling
(not pictured)
and I got up to pull it out.

I didn't sit down again.

It's a character


  1. That first photo is a delightful spring greeting.

  2. Loving your photos and your ingenious interpretation of a magnolia in your text........................... brilliant.

  3. Be still, dear friend, be still...

  4. That's the thing about sitting down outdoors - so much else to do! I had a bench on my allotment and never managed to do more than 30 seconds of sitting on it before I spotted something else that got my on my feet again! It's magnolia country here, and they promise to be glorious again this year.

  5. That's kind of thing I would do. The magnolia is beautiful. I drove down a road with so many of them yesterday, now I'm wishing I'd stopped to take some pictures. They make my heart sing.

  6. I share your flaw.

    We loved the Jeeves and Wooster play, by the way. It's such fun - there were all these rather prosperous-looking Londonites, sitting with their co-ordinated outfits and conversing in rather yah voices, and then the thing starts and they laugh like drains at something silly. As did we, in our less co-ordinated togs and Edinburgh accents.

  7. I am sitting down here and looking at your photo of the tree, which surely counts as at least 20 per cent contribution toward the sitting down not achieved by you?