Wednesday 25 January 2012

The rest room

Re. Alice's comment,
I do like the idea of people benignly lounging
in my comments box.
So much more companionable than having lurkers.
How pleasant to picture people
lazing on the chaise longues,

putting their feet up on the battered recliner,
rocking in the swing seat,

dozing in the hammock.

 While you're here, why not
leaf through the diary on the hall table,
browse through the albums in the sitting room
take a sideways look at the books,
(they're alphabetically ordered for your convenience).
Indulge in some nostalgia.
Listen to some music.
Brew some coffee.
Have a slice of cake.
Talk amongst yourselves,
or find a quiet corner
 in the garden.
Take one of our favourite walks,
look at the shadows,
the sunrises and the sunsets.

Or perhaps you just popped your head round the door
and thought you'd come back later.
That's fine.
Leave a card if you have one.

I'm out visiting too.


  1. Thank you for the kind invitation, Lucille. I have stolen your silver, and an antique footstool. Forgive me.

  2. I'll take the recliner and the cake, thank you. Come and visit me some time; I have chocolate and endless cups of tea.....

  3. I'll be fine in your garden in that battered recliner soaking up the sunshine...keep the noise down won't you..!

  4. Enjoyed the cake but left the silver that mise missed.

  5. I'm taking a nap in your hammock.

  6. I have to confess - I'm been a lurker until now. I read your blog and find myself nodding and smiling... so this is my chance to say hi to you from my corner in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

  7. I have been all over the kitchen and can't find the cake. Someone has been here before me. Dee

  8. I'm waiting for next door's cat....... (whilst poking about your garden).

  9. Lucille, I enjoyed my visit to your garden. Now if I could only put names on the birds who chirped and told me their adventures
    I made coffee too, love your brand


  10. Such fun, your commentators are so gentle.

  11. May I have that cake recipe?

    (had problems commenting, hopefully I won't comment twice)

  12. Oooo...a taste of summer. Seems so far away. Thank-you!