Friday 17 June 2011

Wherefore art I this evening?

Watching this.


  1. Beauty and frivolity can only exist together in a sentence such as this :)
    Didn't another famous Russian, Dostoevsky say 'Beauty will save the world?' You are doing your part to help the cause.
    Thanks for sharing the video - wonderful!
    We haven't had any unusual birds around here lately, by the way.

  2. Pure envy .
    Smitonius , as a big sister treat, took Youngest Daughter , then a ballet mad eleven year old , to Romeo And Juliet at Covent Garden many years ago , and I was allowed to tag along , too .
    A magical performance and we all still remember every moment !

  3. Look out for my son and his girlfriend! He texted me today asking "Ballet tonight - what is happening to me?" I could see it coming, this civilisation process because of the love of a woman - it started months ago when he decided he needed some nice bedding....

    Enjoy; it's fabulous stuff.

  4. But were you won over by arena ballet???

  5. Next day: he didn't enjoy it. The words 'prancing' and 'men in tights' were included in his texted review....

    Thank goodness he loves books and film....

  6. Thank you! That is one of my all-time favourite pieces of music. DUM dedumde DUM dedumde DUM dedumde dum. And what gorgeous costumes! (The dancing looks rather easy in this bit...)