Monday 8 June 2009

Dream garden

The Walled Garden at Scampston,
North Yorkshire,

designed by Piet Oudolf,

photographed in early July last year,

where even the cabbages co-ordinated.

The seats in weathered oak were both U and B.

I had the idea that I would recreate a bit of this look in a corner of our garden,
but the apparent simplicity at Scampston 
belies the complexity of the planning and planting. 
Their plant list runs to 1405 specimens, 
with 6000 plants needed for the molinia grasses, 
4,500 beech plants for the hedges and 
200 lime trees.
Still - I can dream.


  1. oooohhh...dreamin' with you:)

  2. You have whet my appetite to seek out some beautiful gardens this summer. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Oh, it's beautiful.