Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Summery summary

From Soulemama came this idea to knit a hat,
The Happiest Hat, in the round, in Fair Isle using up oddments.
Not something I've ever done before.
I cast on the requisite number of stitches,
because surely I can count,
and found to my horror,
 several ticklish rounds later, that I was five short.
Never mind I thought. I have made a start.
I will carry on and it will just have to be for a smaller head.
I had just such a one in mind.

From Cornflower came this book recommendation.
I lay down on the grass directly. No rug.
Not something I usually do.
It is that sort of book.

From Laughingkidslearn came all sorts of craft ideas
for entertaining granddaughter last week.

 And from my correspondent in India quite coincidentally, 
came a video demonstrating the art of rangoli
which gives me an idea for all that rainbow rice
now that the grandaughter is on tour again.

A little memento left by my computer.


  1. Replies
    1. Steep learning curve but it is recognisably a hat.

  2. Your shot of the Wood Anemone with the red Admiral is superb. Your shot of your Grand-daughter is stunningly beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Wasn't that lucky? I honestly didn't see it.

  3. Can I come and play? Summer at your house looks fun! Especially all that rainbow rice. Beautiful photos Lucille. The Artist's Garden has been on my wishlist - looks like it might be worth bumping it up to the top...

  4. I'm SO impressed by the hat (and the granddaughter).