Wednesday 10 July 2019

Summery summary

Remember how cold and wet it was in June?
And how much one longed for a bit of warmth to bask in?
Well ha ha ha.
We got it.

That's 114ยบ F.
In the shade.
Not so much basking weather,

lurking behind closed shutters

hanging wet towels at windows

freezing towels as compresses

and rediscovering the joys of Uno weather.
Because if you did venture out

it was so blindingly bright

and pulsatingly hot

that even being sensible in the shade
wasn't an option.

There was a lovely pool,
but only one sun umbrella.
Don't be deceived by that cloud.
It never even attempted to shield us from the sun.

The box moth was thriving though.
There were hideous clouds of them
being enjoyed misguidedly by the tourists
in lavender fields.

But these murals were unexpectedly lovely.
And being awake early one morning
I heard a roaring sound and to my astonishment
saw this -

Since returning to a land of wholly acceptable variants 
on normal summer temperatures
I have been grateful for the ability to think, move around freely and sleep.

The grandchildren had meanwhile surely grown 
more than a week's absence could have made possible.

One of them having clocked up his first year
in the blink of an eye.


  1. Oooh, is that you? You do look nice! Unlike that temperature, which sounds AWFUL. We never go anywhere in the summer that's likely to be hot - being frail Scottish people, accustomed to mild air and damp grass. Well, except London, since our daughter is there (alas, alas). Your baby looks very cute!

    1. Perhaps we will meet in accursed London one day! You'll be able to identify me now.

    2. That would be lovely!

  2. Oh those pink blossoms on the aqua pool! Your photos capture the intensity of the heat perfectly Lucille. And how is that little chap one already?

  3. 30ish is hot, but 40ish is an endurance test.

  4. Oh, always better to stay in Britain in the summer - can't DO anything in Provence in that heat. I did enjoy seeing your pictures of yourself and grandchildren.

  5. I'd like to complain. Everywhere but Friesland melted. We didn't.